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A Letter From David

David Brickman image


Today, I am excited to announce the launch of NewPoint Real Estate Capital.  

Rarely do we see something fundamentally new in real estate or finance – sometimes a new variation, a new execution, or a new spin – but seldom do we see a fundamentally new perspective – a new point of view embodied within a new business. This is why we created NewPoint and through it we aspire to provide just that: a new point of view and a new approach to multifamily and residential mortgage finance. An approach grounded in delivering solutions.      

This may seem like a bold statement, particularly from a newly formed firm, but we are not entirely new – we are the union of several strong institutional sponsors, all of whom are deeply grounded in today’s real estate and mortgage markets. As we embark on our journey to grow and transform, we will strive to embody the best characteristics of each of them.  

The challenge we have set for ourselves is straightforward. NewPoint’s primary objective is to be the best, most trusted, and most valued partner to our clients while also remaining keenly focused on the future and the opportunity we have to fundamentally change how multifamily, residential, and healthcare finance is done today.  

Stated differently, we intend to be unwaveringly focused on serving our clients and their needs by providing them the best executions available in the market today while working to reinvent the executions of tomorrow. We intend to do this by driving innovation – innovation in products, execution, process, capital markets, and structure – and by being multifamily and residential real estate experts, not generalists serving all product types.   

At our core, we believe that the real estate and housing markets, as well as the institutions that serve them, are changing and that many of the existing approaches to finance are outdated and will need to evolve. And we believe this environment presents significant opportunities for our clients, our borrowers, and our investors to find success by thinking differently. 

We are also prepared to lead in a changing world and will aim to be a different kind of company – a company that is focused on our clients, yes, but also our people, and on the markets and communities that we serve.  

While we have bold ambitions, we come from modest roots. And we expect to earn your business, your trust, and your confidence through what we do. I invite you to learn a little more about us and hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve your needs or simply share with you a little more about who we are, where we hope to go, and what we believe.    


David Brickman
Chief Executive Officer
NewPoint Real Estate Capital