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Our Experts

We are distinguishing ourselves through our broad range of offerings, solution-based products, and top-tier professionals. It is this dynamic team of experienced, creative, and execution-oriented industry leaders that are evolving our business and positioning NewPoint for continued growth.

Mary Ellen Anderson
Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Underwriter
MaryEllen Anderson NewPoint
Juan Aragon
Managing Director, Deputy Chief Underwriter
Juan Aragon
Karu Arulanandam
Head of Affordable Underwriting
Karu NewPoint
Jay Blasberg
Executive Managing Director
Jay Blasberg NewPoint
David M. Brickman
Chief Executive Officer
David Brickman, Chief Executive Officer at NewPoint Real Estate Capital
Marc Cesare
Senior Managing Director
Marc Cesare NewPoint
Mark Dean
Head of Affordable Production
Mark Dean - NewPoint Real Estate Capital Head of Production
John DeWitt
Senior Managing Director
NewPoint Photo Placeholder
Bryan Dickson
Senior Managing Director
Bryan Dickson NewPoint
Bob Douglas
Senior Relationship Manager
Bob Douglas NewPoint
Tom Follain
Head of Strategic Change & Development
Tom Follain
Michael Gehl
Chief Investment Officer, FHA Lending
Michael Gehl NewPoint
Sean Huntsman
Senior Managing Director
Sean Huntsman NewPoint Seniors Housing
Heather Hutcheson
Managing Director, Corporate Compliance
Heather Hutcheson NewPoint
John C. Lloyd
Head of Asset Management and Servicing
John Lloyd NewPoint
David Lundin
Co-Chief Underwriter, HUD/FHA
David Lundin Co-Chief Underwriter NewPoint FHA Lending
Elan Magence
Senior Vice President, Originations
Elan Magence NewPoint
Brian Miranda
Senior Managing Director
Brian Miranda NewPoint
John Motzel
Senior Managing Director
John Motzel NewPoint
Tony Perez
Managing Director, FHA Asset Management
Tony Perez
Tom Peters
Director of FHA Business Development
Tom Peters NewPoint
Carol Rogers
Chief Human Resources Officer
Carol Rogers NewPoint
Joe Savarese
Managing Director
Jo Savarese NewPoint
Mark Silverstein
Senior Managing Director, Proprietary Products
Mark Silverstein NewPoint
Ryan Stutz
Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Stutz NewPoint
Elie Tannous
Head of Capital Markets
Elie Tannous NewPoint
John Thompson
Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Underwriter
John Thompson NewPoint
Geri Borger Urgo
Head of Production
Geri Borger Urgo
Carlton Watts
Managing Director, Deputy Chief Underwriter
Carlton Watts NewPoint
Rob Wrzosek
President – Affordable Strategies
Rob Wrzosek NewPoint Real Estate Capital
Matthew Zall
Managing Director, SFR Program Manager
Matthew Zall_NewPoint
Annisha Zegarski
FHA Deputy Chief Underwriter
Anisha Zegarski