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Fannie Mae Increases Maximum Small Loan Size to $9 Million

Fannie Mae recently increased the maximum Small Loan size from $6 million to $9 million, which opens the door for more properties to take advantage of this efficient non-recourse financing program.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Fannie Mae Small Loan program benefits: 

  • Custom Terms: Offers 5- to 30-year fixed-rate loan terms, with part- or full-term interest only.
  • Prepayment Flexibility: Select yield maintenance or declining prepayment options to complement your business plan.
  • Rate Lock Options: Mitigate volatility with 30- to 180-day rate lock commitments and the option for a Streamlined Rate Lock or Dual Rate Lock (75% - 80% of proceeds rate locked shortly after application, the remaining after completion of underwriting). Good faith deposit as low as 1%. 
  • Streamlined Due Diligence: Reduced third-party reports and environmental screening deliver faster underwriting and lower costs.

You can access the full Fannie Mae Small Loan term sheet here

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